Are you worried about your penis size? Do you constantly think about how you perform in bed? If you are excessively conscious about your sexual activity and find sex stressful and nerve-wracking rather than being pleasurable, then it is a sign that you have performance anxiety. It is one of the biggest sexual and emotional difficulties for men that hugely impact their sexual performance.

Causes of performance anxiety

Most men think of sex as an act, where they are expected to look and perform in a certain way. We can blame porn movies and social beliefs of masculinity for this. Men feel significant pressure on how to perform in the bedroom, the size of their penis and the need to please their partner. This pressure usually translates into the concerns where some men start thinking that their ability to satisfy a woman will affect their image in the public.

Besides social pressure, inexperience can also cause performance anxiety. This is the reason, many men experience problems like premature ejaculation and weak erections during their first sexual encounter. The embarrassment due to the condition sometimes leads to the development of anxiety, which causes further sexual problems. Any past bad sexual experience or trauma can also make men conscious in bed to an extent that they start avoiding sex.

Stress and anxiety, if reaches a high level, can affect the blood flow in the penis, resulting in sexual problems like premature ejaculation, impotence and inability to ejaculate. If you think that your penis is no bug enough to satisfy women, then it is likely that it will affect your performance. Sometimes sexual performance problems are side effect of some medications. In this case, you must consult your GP and ask him to change the medicine or alter the dosage.

Cope with performance anxiety

If you've got sexual performance anxiety, consult a doctor to check whether any health condition or medication isn't causing you problems. If a medical issue isn't to blame, then you may consider talking to a counsellor or therapist. Therapy can help reduce or eliminate the issues that are causing problems in your sexual activity. If you experience premature ejaculation or are worried about size of penis, consider taking penis enhancement supplements to add inches and gain more control over ejaculation.

In case, you are worried about your partner’s satisfaction then talking to them openly about your anxiety can help ease some worries. You can try to figure out some solution to improve your sexual relationship. If you are too anxious then use some ways to distract yourself. Take your mind off of your sexual performance by thinking some other things that interest you. To relieve stress consider doing breathing exercises or yoga. It will not only decrease anxiety, but will also improve blood circulation that will have a positive effect on your sexual performance.