It is clear that using penis enlargement pills like Vimax can help you add inches to your organ and enhance your sexual performance. After taking pills for over 3 to 6 months, you can see visible increase in the length of your penis and experience enhanced sexual stamina, intensified orgasm and increased sexual desire. But, did you know there are ways you can make most out of enhancement supplements. Here are few tips that can help:

  • Support the supplement by eating right
  • Penis enlargement pills are basically dietary supplement that must be taken after meals. If you support these pills with healthy diet, you are more likely get results faster. Include lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. Switch to lean meat and other protein-rich foods like tuna, salmon, eggs and pulses. Decrease your intake of red meat. To boost your sexual health and results of Vimax, add zinc-rich foods like seafood, pumpkin seeds, peas, beans and liver.

  • Quit smoking and moderate alcohol consumption
  • There are already enough reasons to quit, but if you still haven’t found a reason strong enough to motive, then the fear of reducing the effectiveness of enlargement pills can. Smoking and alcohol are believed to clog arteries, which restricts the blood flow to penis, causing shrinkage. Several researches have even found smoking and alcohol to be prime causes of impotence and premature ejaculation. If you want to enhance the effectiveness of supplements, ditch smoking and reduce your alcohol consumption.

  • Combine pills with penis enlargement exercises
  • Hand-over-hand penis exercises like jelqing, stretching and weights can help improve length and girth of the male organ. If these exercises are combined with pills, results are faster and much better. Plan a workout to support your penis pills course. In the beginning, do exercise every alternate day. After few weeks, you can practice them daily. Click here to see how to do enlargement exercises.

  • Increase your physical activity and shed excess pounds
  • Excess weight is responsible for decreases level of testosterone (male sex hormone) production. As the level of this hormone declines, it negatively affect sexual health. You can notice a significantly improvement in your sexual performance, if you make efforts to bring the hormone in level. You can start by losing weight and taking out time for some physical activity. You can start by low intensity workouts like walking, jogging and swimming.