Men’s obsession with penis size is an old story. For a long time men have been seeking ways to increase the size of their package. It can’t be denied that in some cases penis size concerns are completely unfounded. However, it is not true for all the cases. Some men are concerned about their size because they experience penis shrinkage for real. There are many reasons why a man can experience reduction in his size and here we discuss some of those issues while learning about ways to deal with the situation:

Peyronie’s Disease

Deposition of plaque along the length of the penis in the corpora cavernosa is what we call Peyronie's Disease. This condition can develop slowly or appear overnight. Although the cause of Peyronie's Disease is not clear yet, experts believe that the plaque can develop following trauma that causes localised bleeding inside the penis. As the plague inside the penis does not expand like the erectile tissues, it tends to pull the penis in one direction during erection. This may not only be a little painful but can also interfere with the ability to have intercourse. In fact, it can also make the penis appear shorter in length.

What’s the solution?

Peyronie’s disease may require surgery to repair the damaged tissue. Some penis extenders have also proven helpful in correcting the penis curvature and increasing penis size.

Increasing weight or obesity

We all know that putting on excessive weight is bad for overall health. But few men know that deposition of fat in the abdominal area can affect penis size. Belly fat can make the penis appear smaller than it actually is. Moreover, increasing weight can have a significant impact on blood circulation, which can directly affect erections. For many men, obesity can also lead to self-image issues, causing problems like physiological impotence and depression, all of which have impact on erection size and sexual performance.

What’s the solution?

Doing regular exercise and eating a balanced diet can help manage weight. Men experiencing sexual problems due to physiological conditions can seek counselling to fix the issue.

Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a scary condition for any men. The condition is characterised by persistent failure to develop and maintain erections enough for penetrative intercourse. There are many causes of impotence, but one of the main causes is inadequate blood flow in the penis chamber. Persistent lack of blood circulation in penis can shrink erectile tissues, making penis appear smaller than it really is.

What’s the solution?

Men experiencing impotence can consider taking natural supplements like VigRX for improving erection strength. Taking VigRX penis pills regularly can also help gain inches. Since this supplement is formulated using natural ingredients there isn’t any risk of side-effects.