It is already known that men are fairly obsessed about their penis. From increasing its size to ensuring that it functions properly, male concerns regarding their manhood are endless. But, one important thing that most men seem to ignore is penis hygiene. Just by looking at the organ, it might appear as one of the cleanest part of the body as it isn’t exposed to environmental pollution. However, penis is a breeding ground of bacteria that can cause infection and foul smell. Sweaty, moist and hot conditions down there make genitals vulnerable to bacterial growth, which is why daily penis care is essential.

Keeping penis clean and odour free

Penis hygiene is one of the easiest ways of preventing diseases of the genital area. Men should wash the penis every single day when having a shower or bath. For uncircumcised men, it is essential to clean the area under foreskin. If you don't wash underneath the foreskin, a fluid called smegma builds up in the foreskin and can result in foul smell. It can also harbour bacteria and cause redness and swelling of the head of your penis.

Don’t use regular soaps or shower gels for washing the penis as it may strip natural oils, leaving tissues dry, rough and irritated. Use warm water for cleaning the penis and area under the foreskin. Clean the base of the penis and the testicles properly as sweat and hair can combine to produce a strong and unpleasant smell.

Let the organ dry before you put on your boxers. Gently pat dry with a towel or allow to air dry. Avoid rubbing with towel as that can irritate the penis skin. It is also essential to trim the pubic hair regularly. Pubic hairs hold in heat and sweat, which can attract bacteria; so trim the hair to within an inch or so from the skin. Use a fragrance-free cream or oil to moisturise the penis skin. It is better if you can find some anti-bacteria lotions for penis care.

Treating and preventing penis rashes and sores

Penis rashes, sores and bumps can be a cause for concern for most men. It can possible be due to fungal or bacterial infections. You can always avoid them by maintaining penis hygiene and wearing loose-fitting, comfortable undergarments. Regularly massaging a vitamin A can help maintain skin’s natural elasticity, banish infections, and maintain lubricating qualities of the foreskin. If nothing seems to help, consult your GP immediately.