One question that has preoccupied man ever since is ‘How can I enlarge my penis’? The concern has grown even deeper with the flourishing of porn industry that enforce the idea that how important is it to have a big penis. In the world where science and medicine has developed to an extent beyond imagination, it isn’t impossible to find a way to add inches to penis. Penis enlargers are everywhere nowadays.

Whether you pick up a magazine or check your mail box, advertisements of products claiming to make your penis bigger can be seen. So many products might confuse you and make you wonder which product actually works. That said, let’s check out what the various penis enlarger methods and what will work to get you a bigger penis:

  • Penis enlargement surgery
  • There are basically two types of penile surgeries – lengthening surgeries and widening surgeries. Earlier these producers were available for people who suffer from the micro-penis or congenital penis defects, but now they are being used for cosmetic purposes. There are only few men, who have been satisfied with the results of these complicated, invasive and expensive surgeries. Most men have reported no significant difference in the length of the erect penis, rather angle of penis is changed, which makes erections unstable. Loss of sensations, bleeding and nerve damage are some of the other side-effects of penis surgeries.

  • Enlargement pills
  • There are supplements that contain a blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs that can increase your penis size. These ingredients basically work by increasing the blood flow in the penis chamber. As the entire process is natural, there are no severe side-effects reported yet. Millions of men have benefited from taking penis pills and hence, these are considered as one of the safest and most effective ways of gaining inches in penis size.

  • Penis pumps
  • Also known as vacuum pumps, these devices use pressure of vacuum to increase the blood flow in the penis chamber. Repeating this procedure is believed to increase the size of male organ. Although the pump has proven effective for treating erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease, there is no proof that it increases size of penis. Moreover, there is a risk of blood vessels tearing if the device is used for long term.

  • Stretchers and weights
  • There are penis enlargers that use weights and traction method to add inches to the male organ. A device needs to be worn over the penis to stretch the muscles in the organ. The device is not only uncomfortable, but there is also a risk of wear and tear of muscles and tissues, which can cause erectile dysfunction or at worse loss of sensation.

After reviewing all these penis enlargers, it is clear that pills are the only safe method of increasing penis size. They are also very affordable and can help you enhance your overall sexual performance naturally.